Meditation Roaring Fork Valley conducts weekly classes in meditation according to the path of liberation taught by the Buddha. Personal guidance is also available and monthly retreats offer intensive study and practice on specific topics of interest.

All teachers are experienced meditators, who have studied and practiced for many years. They are English-speaking and members of modern Western society and culture who know first-hand the benefits of meditation practice in the contemporary world.

Classes are suitable for all levels of interest, from beginners with no experience to those with many years of meditation experience.

Our teaching, discussion and practice revolve around the core of the Buddha’s method for attaining personal liberation, specifically mindfulness of body, mindfulness of feeling tones or vedana, and mindfulness of mind. Practices that develop the capacity for equanimity, loving kindness, compassion and joy are also used to prepare the mind for deeper practice and awaken the capacity for greater insight.

Each weekly class includes a guided meditation using practice techniques from both of the two main types of meditation, shamatha or calming, and vipassana or insight meditation. The meditation is followed by a brief talk and discussion on a topic relevant to the skills and abilities needed for a good meditation practice, or some aspect of the practical details needed to integrate meditation practice into a busy daily life in the modern world. Classes are usually offered in a series on the same or similar topic, but the talks are designed to be helpful and understandable to first-time visitors as well as regular attendees.

All are welcome. No prior notification is necessary and there is no obligation. You can drop in and experience one of the weekly meetings for yourself or, if you prefer, contact us for more information. or call 970-618-1032 or 970-379-8422.